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We sell Erimish bracelets at our boutique in East Amherst, NY

A simple beaded bangle is so last season. Ditch your out-of-style bracelets and head straight to EllaRose Boutique in East Amherst, NY. We sell a wide variety of Erimish bracelets for people of all ages. Not only will these bracelets make a statement, but they're also stackable. You can buy a set of three and wear them together or you can mix and match.

You're the designer when you wear Erimish bracelets. Stop by our store to browse our collection today.

What's so unique about the Erimish brand?

You’ll love the bold colors and intricate design on your new Erimish bracelet, but that’s not the only reason customers continue to buy them. The Erimish brand is unique because:

  • It supports several charities, including the Breast Cancer Foundation
  • It empowers women to reveal their unique style
  • It sponsors mission work in Kenya
  • It’s designed by women, for women

Shop a brand you support — find Erimish bracelets at our boutique in East Amherst, NY today.